DStv Installation Pretoria East

DStv installation Pretoria East
DStv Installation Pretoria East

We offer reliable DStv installation services in Pretoria East at a cheap price. Our variety of services includes new decoder repairs, troubleshooting and fixing DStv signal issues, and extra view setup. Our DStv technicians operate daily even during weekends and public holidays. Talk to us for a free booking and we will send you a professional call-out team.


We provide a broad range of DStv installation services in and around Pretoria East. Our connection services are available on a daily basis. Since we offer same-day service, if you make your booking your DStv will be fixed on the same day.

Here is a list of our DStv services in Pretoria East:

  • New decoder setup
  • Troubleshooting DStv no signal problems
  • Satellite dish alignment and replacements
  • LNB replacements (single, twin, and smart)
  • DStv Extra View setup
  • TV mounting
  • Surround sound configuration

Repairing DStv Signal Issues

DStv no signal problems are quite common. A DStv decoder that is experiencing a signal problem displays the error code – E48-32 on the TV. The error message is accompanied by the message – “This error may be due to bad weather or a faulty cable“.

Common DStv Signal Errors

  • There is no signal. This might be due to bad weather or a faulty connection in the installation (E48-32).
    This error means your DStv decoder is not receiving any signal from the satellite dish. This can be due to incorrect settings or a misaligned dish and LNB.
  • DStv no signal on certain channels.
    This error occurs when the DStv signal strength is too low, usually below 50%.
  • DStv decoders losing signal intermittently.
    This means your decoder tuner frequencies are wrong. So decoders will be clashing causing signal loss.

In the event that your DStv setup loses signal, talk to us. Our technicians use the correct tools to fix DStv signal problems. Furthermore, our installers know the best places to get the best DStv signal for your decoder. Find out how you can increase your DStv signal strength in this post.

What Causes DStv Signal Loss

The E48-32 error means your decoder is not receiving the DStv signal from the satellite dish outside. Here is a list of issues that can cause this problem:

  • a misaligned satellite dish
  • a dish with a broken arm
  • broken or brittle cables
  • a faulty LNB
  • loose cable connections
  • incorrect decoder settings

So, before you contact approved DStv installers in Pretoria East, first check if your cables are connected correctly. Sometimes, pets and kids can accidentally pull DStv cables.

Our technicians will troubleshoot all DStv signal problems and fix your issues in a short space of time. We are the DStv installation Pretoria East service you can trust.

DStv Extra View Connection

etra view setup Pretoria East
DStv Extra View Installers Pretoria East

If you have 2 or 3 decoders at the same house, it is advisable to link your decoders using Extra View. If you do this you can reduce your monthly subscription fees. DStv Extra view will also allow you to watch different channels in different rooms while paying less.

Our DStv installers in Pretoria East will help you connect the decoders together for a reasonable amount of money. Call us today and book your appointment for a cheap DStv installation Pretoria East service.

Satellite Dish Replacements

Over time, galvanized satellite dishes will suffer from corrosion that is caused by rust. When your satellite dish is rusty it can not reflect the DStv signal from the space satellite. Therefore, there will be a reduction in the signal quality.

To add to that, the arm which holds the LNB in position can also break due to excessive rust. If the arm of the dish breaks, you lose your DStv signal. The only way to fix this problem is to replace the whole dish kit.

How to Fix a Rusty or Broken Satellite Dish?

rusty satellite dish Pretoria East
Rusty Satellite Dish

Replacing a satellite dish requires a trained DStv installer. This is because the satellite dish needs the correct alignment to ensure the reception of good signal strength and quality. Poor dish alignment will result in a no signal error or some DStv channels missing.

If you are using a DStv Explora decoder then a good signal strength and quality are a must. The Explora decoder requires signal strength and quality that is above 70% to function properly.

Our DStv installation Pretoria East service also covers satellite dish replacements. We keep a stock of all kinds of steel, aluminum, and fiber satellite dishes. Our technicians use machines to align your DStv aerial.

DStv LNB Replacements

Because the LNB stays outside, it is affected by weather elements like direct sunlight and lightning. Direct sunlight makes the front part of the LNB which faces the satellite dish to be brittle. Continuous exposure to sunlight causes the LNB to break. A broken LNB allows water to seep inside and cause decoder short-circuiting. The decoder will also lose signal in the process.

If there is a heavy storm with thunder, lightning surges will damage your LNB. If this happens, you have to replace the LNB. While replacing the LNB seems to be an easy DIY, most people falsely diagnose the LNB. This happens because there is no comprehensive testing that is done to determine whether the LNB is still functional or not.

Since our DStv installation Pretoria East service is professional, our technicians perform rigorous testing of DStv accessories. We make sure that there is no room for misdiagnoses.

We also keep stock of all types of LNBs that we sell at a reasonable price. So, we supply quality replacement parts that carry a 1-year guarantee.

DStv ACCREDITED installers Pretoria East

All our technicians are accredited to provide professional DStv Installation Pretoria East services. In fact, our tech guys attend training workshops on a regular basis. We understand the importance of keeping up with the latest Multichoice technologies.

Affordable DStv Installation Pretoria East

Our DStv installation Pretoria East service is cheap. We also make sure that our prices remain competitive all the time. If you need a quotation we can provide you with one. What we quote you is what you will pay.


Our DStv technicians operate in most suburbs under Pretoria East. We also charge a standard call-out fee for our DStv installation Pretoria East service. Below is a list of the neighborhoods we service:

  • Arcadia
  • Brooklyn
  • Colbyn
  • Constantia Park
  • Die Wilgers
  • Eastwood
  • Elardus Park
  • Equestria
  • Erasmuskloof
  • Faerie Glen
  • Garsfontein
  • Hatfield
  • Lynnwood
  • Menlyn
  • Moreleta Park
  • Olympus
  • Silver Lakes Estate
  • Waterkloof
  • Wapadrand
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